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Mother’s Day Spending is on the Rise for All the Right Reasons

May 08, 2018

Mother’s Day Spending is on the Rise for All the Right Reasons

It’s no secret that Mother’s Day is a big shopping day, especially for e-commerce stores. It’s the perfect time to spike the much-needed seasonal change of apparel and launch spring sales with deep discounts on things that mom will enjoy. As a culture, we’re very serious about celebrating mom; we’ve turned Mother’s Day into the third biggest retail holiday of the year! In turn, the way we experience mother’s day shopping has evolved, and while we still cherish that relationship with mom…we spend a little more (or a lot) every year as we do so. After all, she’s worth it.

In 2017, Mother’s Day spending broke a new spending record ($23.6 billion according to the National Retail Federation). Not surprisingly, that whopper of a shopper did most of that shopping online, spending on average 38% more on their mothers than those shopping offline.

For Mother’s Day, the brands that consistently capture the hearts and minds of the public focus on creating authentic experiences that transcend traditional “shopping.”

We’re not suggesting that the ‘brick & mortar’ shopper loves mom any less, but there’s something to be said about genuine storytelling in the digital age. The brands that really capture the hearts and minds of the public now focus on creating authentic experiences that transcend “shopping” as we once thought about it. Consider what appeals to you; most brands don’t just slap a product on a celebrity and dangle it in your face of late, they create and share a unique narrative that makes sense to the viewership/readership on an emotional level, creating a connection that transcends a product placement. Connecting with an audience means sharing ‘truths’ that are universal, and that is what inspires us to go above and beyond to say, “I love you, mom!”

Don’t take our word for it, we’ve collected a few examples of brands that we think got it right for Mother’s Day...these campaigns will no doubt inspire your Mother’s Day shopping.

5 Companies that do Mother’s Day Right

Samsung: Text from Mom (2015)

Most of the time, phone companies are trying to convince us they have the best features and functionality. But when they stop to consider the social role that their devices play in our lives, they begin to connect with us on a deeper level. Pretty much everyone can relate to the difficulties of texting their mother. It might be annoying, but we love it nonetheless.

Samsung Texts from Mom


Kraft: Swear like a mother (2017)

Mom’s aren’t perfect, but then again who defines perfect? Kraft Mac & Cheese positions itself as the meal for mom to make when she needs a little help and an easy lunch or dinner.

Kraft Swear Like a Mother



An icon for holidays and gift giving, Hallmark doesn’t just sell gifts, they are a hub for gift ideas and inspirations. With help from their staff and their community, Hallmark shares pages with DIY creations, gift guides, and suggestions for what you can do to make Mother’s Day more creative and personal. (They’re also great video storytellers)  

Hallmark Mother's Day Gifts ideas inspiration


Carhartt: #AllHailMom (2018)

Maybe not the first website you go to when looking for Mother’s Day gifts. But most of the time, we do think of our moms as strong and hard working – and so does Carhartt. This brilliant video celebrates moms and women around mother’s day.

Carhartt All Hail Mom


The Great Lakes State

Our social media is less about our products and more about celebrating the beauty that we all share as Michiganders and Detroiters. We all have a deep connection with this territory. Not only is it with us every day, it lives in our memories and we encourage you to think of those memories that involve mom. Whether she took you camping, to the park, or to your favorite restaurant downtown, she’s the reason you get to say you were born and raised here.



Don’t overthink what to get mom this year for Mother’s Day. Make it personal, isn’t that exactly the point? Spend a lot or a little depending on what you have. Grand gestures don’t have to be expensive, they just need to be meaningful. Do something different and surprising; do something that shows you’ll never forget the love she’s shared with you.

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