• Emily T Gail is known across the country for encouraging people to “Say Nice Things About Detroit.” She led a homegrown movement in the 1970’s-80’s to improve people’s attitudes about our beloved city, and to say thanks, Detroiters say nice things about Emily. It’s not uncommon to hear someone sh... View Post
  • Pizza is kind of a big deal, especially in Detroit. As the well-known apparel brand for all-things Michigan and Detroit, The Great Lakes State (TGLS) is ecstatic to announce a partnership with the first annual Pizza Throwdown at Eastern Market on Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 12 - 4pm. Through ... View Post
  • The Great Lakes State is pleased to announce the official merger with longtime sister company, Ink Detroit. The goal of the merger is to take two Detroit-based brands and join forces to create a more powerful e-commerce experience for consumers. By the end of January, the Ink Detroit website wil... View Post